From Grit to Growth

Five Generations Building Gladen's Legacy

Our History and Our Projects

From humble beginnings as a post-war family business, Gladen Construction has spanned generations, weathering challenges and celebrating milestones. Founded by Clarence Gladen and his four brothers, it passed to sons Glenn and Robert, who established Gladen Construction, Inc. in 1974. After navigating industry hardships, Clayton and Tim Gladen took the helm, steering the company through decades of expansion. Now, as the fourth generation joins forces, Gladen continues to build upon its legacy, growing from 15 employees in 1984 to a team of 80, with a fleet of 131 machines and 68 vehicles, dedicated to shaping the future, one project at a time.

Gladen Construction Prioritizes Our Responsibilities

At Gladen Construction, building goes beyond blueprints and aggregate - it's about building trust.

That's why responsibility is ingrained in everything we do; from the ground we break to the communities we serve.

We're not just licensed, insured, and bonded; we're meticulously regulated and rigorously trained.

Whether adhering to demanding MNDOT and NDDOT specifications for highway heavy construction, upholding MPCA and NDDEQ environmental regulations, or prioritizing worker safety through strict OSHA compliance, we take responsibility seriously. This commitment guarantees not only the quality and integrity of our projects, but also the well-being of our team and the environment.

When you choose Gladen, you choose peace of mind.

You choose a partner who understands that every project is a promise, and we're dedicated to fulfilling that promise with transparency, accountability, and the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility.

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